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3 Keys to Sustainable Growth


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Some of the best businesses start small.

I’ve worked with many solopreneurs that started with a big idea, and had the grit and drive to see it through and turn that dream into a reality. It’s a hell of an origin story, and if you had the strength and determination to get your business to this point by yourself, you deserve a gold star!

But now I’ve got to drop a truth bomb on you.

You’ve done a great job, but what got you here WILL NOT get you there. If you want to keep ascending to the next pinnacle of success, you need more support.

For your business to keep growing sustainably, your team, your strategies, your tech, and your tools have to grow along with it.

Here’s why:

Your Team

Nobody can reach the $1m+ alone. That’s just facts. Unless you’ve managed to add more days to the week or more hours to your day, you simply cannot scale your business to 7-figures and beyond without support. The type of support you need will vary according to your business and your skillset, but there are some team players that are essential across the board.

You need someone that’s managing the day-to-day operations of your business, so you don’t have to. Those time-sucking tasks like dealing with emails, scheduling, and customer support can eat up your day in a heartbeat. When you can delegate this to an assistant, you’re freeing up countless hours of productive time. The more you can delegate, the more time you have to focus your genius on the high-yield areas of your business. Just imagine, if you can get 2 hours of busy work off your plate every day, you’ve basically given yourself an entire workday dedicated to doing ONLY what you do best. You’re more productive AND you’re doing less work! That’s an obvious win!

You should also add team members that have skills that fall outside your wheelhouse. That could include marketing, copywriting, SEO, tech, or quite frankly- anything you don’t feel like doing! Delegating is key to getting ahead and staying there. You are the visionary, the leader, and your time is far too valuable to devote to tasks that can be handled by someone else.

Your Strategies

You got to this point, so you’re obviously doing something right! But the strategies that work for a business that earns $100K a year aren’t going to be sufficient for a business that’s pulling in over a million dollars.

You need systems that can support the additional work without overwhelming your team. You need strategies that allow for continued, sustainable growth and can evolve along with your business. You also need SOPs for all the important areas of your business so you can train new team members easily, and rest assured that your team knows how to keep everything running smoothly if you take a day off, are out sick, or just decide to take a much-needed vacation!

Your Tech and Tools

Maybe you’re a tech guru who loves researching new apps and software that make your business better. Maybe you have a love/hate relationship with your technology. Either way, you need reliable tech support that ensures your website is attractive, user-friendly, and lightning fast. You also need a tech specialist that has an eye on the ever-evolving tools and apps that help you streamline and simplify your operations.

You’re busy running your business, and that doesn’t leave you adequate time to research the latest CRM software or collaborative work app, but if you have strong tech support on your side, you’ll always have the best, cutting-edge tools to make your business run like a well-oiled machine.

Whether you build your team one by one, or choose an all-in-one business support team, it’s imperative to have the people that can help you achieve your vision for your business. You may have gotten here on your own, but now that you’re ready to make the leap to the next level of success, you’re going to want those experts and specialists by your side as you make your way to the top!

Sophie Zollmann
Sophie Zollmann
Sophie Zollmann is the owner and CEO of SophieZo Next Level Business Support. A growth guru who specializes in elevating businesses to the next level of success, she leads an intrepid team of business and marketing experts as they take on the tasks and implement strategies and solutions that save time and increase revenue. She works with entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, and visionaries to develop and achieve the cutting-edge ideas that drive their businesses to the top of the success ladder. Sophie uses her organizational wizardry and chaos-coordinator talents to devise systems that take the guesswork out of success. She’s a pioneer of the plug-and-play business support model, offering business owners an all-in-one operations and marketing team that can hit the ground running and propel companies to $1 million in revenue and beyond. In her spare time, Sophie loves reading Harry Potter, relaxing on beautiful beaches, and doting on her grandson.


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