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5 Reasons to Keep Saying No to the Hustle!


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The tide seems to be turning on hustle culture. More and more people are realizing that life is too short to spend the majority of it stuck behind your desk.

Making the decision to free yourself from the rise and grind and give yourself the chance to grow your business with ease, grace, time, and space can be so freeing! But there are also moments when it can be a little bit terrifying…

Every business owner faces a slow season here and there. The phone isn’t ringing, the leads are just trickling in, and you’re not meeting those revenue or growth goals as quickly as you’d hoped…

What now?

First of all, DON’T PANIC! This is a process, and you’re building the foundation for sustainable long-term success. When you feel a little overwhelmed, or start wondering if you gave up on the hustle culture too quickly, here are some things to remember:

1.       Success Does Not Happen Overnight

It also doesn’t happen in a week, or a month! It takes time to build strategies, SOPs, and the rinse-and-repeat systems that allow your business to run seamlessly. You have to try things out, test them, see what works and what doesn’t, and that can’t be done in a day. The more time you spend building your foundation, the stronger your business will be.

2.       You ARE Making Progress

When you give yourself time and space, you are also making way for your genius to come through. Your creativity can take the lead, and you can clearly focus on the next big step for your business. You’re making strategic decisions based on research and data instead of throwing ideas at the wall and seeing what sticks, and that laser-focused approach will take you much further than the “spray and pray” method!

3.       You’re Prioritizing Yourself and Your Time

It’s hard to prioritize yourself. You are constantly barraged by messages from the world that you should be going, doing, working, achieving every minute of the day, but we all know that’s bullshit, right?

That mentality is the recipe for burnout, and if you’re at the end of your rope, your business is DEFINITELY not going to benefit. Making time for rest, self-care, hobbies, friends, and family matters! That’s the stuff that sustains you and feeds your soul and allows you to show up in your business and your life as the best version of yourself.

4.       Hustling Wasn’t Helping

If hustling around the clock was really working for you and your business, you wouldn’t have stepped away from it. I did the hustle and grind until it almost killed me, and my business wasn’t any better for it. I wasn’t bringing in more clients, I wasn’t making more money, I was just making myself sick!

When you work from a place of ease and grace, you take the time to think and plan before you act. You’re not making reactionary, fear-based decisions for your business as you desperately try to drum up new leads or new revenue streams. You’re calm, focused, and planning for long-term, sustainable success rather than short-term gains.

5.       You Love Your Life Again

Growing your business with ease, grace, time, and space is all about being intentional. You get to decide what you want for your life and how you want to spend your time. When you prioritize your personal life just as much as your productivity, you get to have the best of both worlds.

You’re committed to your business, and you’re making great things happen, but you’re also there for the people and things that you love. You’re making it to the soccer games or making time for date nights with your love. You’re rediscovering that sport or hobby that brought you so much happiness. You’re giving yourself time to enjoy the results of your hard work rather than constantly battling for more, more, MORE. You are truly living your life, and that is a gift.

This is your one life, and it’s up to you to choose how you’re going to live it. Take back your time. Make smart, strategic decisions for your business and success will follow. I promise, it’s worth the wait!

Sophie Zollmann
Sophie Zollmann
Sophie Zollmann is the owner and CEO of SophieZo Next Level Business Support. A growth guru who specializes in elevating businesses to the next level of success, she leads an intrepid team of business and marketing experts as they take on the tasks and implement strategies and solutions that save time and increase revenue. She works with entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, and visionaries to develop and achieve the cutting-edge ideas that drive their businesses to the top of the success ladder. Sophie uses her organizational wizardry and chaos-coordinator talents to devise systems that take the guesswork out of success. She’s a pioneer of the plug-and-play business support model, offering business owners an all-in-one operations and marketing team that can hit the ground running and propel companies to $1 million in revenue and beyond. In her spare time, Sophie loves reading Harry Potter, relaxing on beautiful beaches, and doting on her grandson.


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