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5 Up-and-Coming Fashion and Beauty Brands to Watch in 2023


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The fashion and beauty industries are undoubtedly two of the most dynamic and influential sectors in the world. While trends may come and go, the importance of looking and feeling your best never fades. By staying up-to-date with the best brands in these industries, you can always show up in style, no matter the season. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the top fashion and beauty brands to keep on your radar in 2023. First on the list is SKKN BY KIM, the beauty brand launched by Kim Kardashian. While Kardashian’s name may be familiar to millions worldwide, it is her team’s unwavering dedication to crafting high-quality, effective products that has earned SKKN BY KIM its place among the must-have brands for 2023.

Next is Jackie Z Style Co., a women’s and men’s specialty boutique in St. Petersburg, Florida. The brand is owned by the industrious Jackie Zumba, who doesn’t stop bossing the fashion industry despite being a wife and mom. Jackie is who you’ll call a genius, having been interested in fashion from a young age. As a young adult, she started with a small Sarasota store before the larger space of Jackie Z Style Co. was born. In no time, “I met my husband Brian, and we immersed ourselves 100% into making the store a true fashion destination.” 

With over a decade’s experience and history, fashion and beauty lovers can be sure of everything they’d find on display at the store. With its wide range of clothing and accessories for women and men, this is the store for all. Jackie says you “can find the latest Gucci, Chloe, and YSL sunglasses.” There’s no better way to spend your hard-earned money on being a fashion queen or king.

Though, you wouldn’t want to miss out on the distinctive style of clothing that comes out of the Swank A Posh factory. Swank A Posh isn’t only for women with melanin popping; Ebony Swank “has established a brand for women of all sizes, shapes, and ethnicities.” The American fashion designer has spent about 14 years transforming a failing retail clothing store into a multi-million dollar business.

As you’d guess, the company’s financial success directly reflects the iconic women’s wear that makes its way from the company to the public. Ebony “takes pride in offering fashionable, high-quality clothes at reasonable prices that boost women’s confidence.”

Fajas Tributo is another company that offers a healthy dose of a confidence boost through their custom shape-wear garments that make women love their bodies and stand with their shoulders held high. Led by Viviana Millan, Fajas Tributo always goes the extra mile to create distinct trends. You’ll also notice that their product line is heavily developed around colors that pump energy into your veins. 

So far, the disruptive company has transformed the Fajas industry. “Saying no to standard sizes and creating custom-made attires have motivated our customers to embrace their curves.” It’s safe to say Fajas Tributo has grown to be an iconic brand that empowers women.

Finally, Woman Business Enterprise (MWBE) is another brand exploring fashion and beauty to empower women. Through its CEO, Sheila L. Brown, the company shines as a brand for women. Sheila has a rich history in media, and broadcasting, amongst other ventures that have made her an influence regarding female beauty and fashion. 

2023 has been underway for just a couple of months, but the efforts noticed from these brands posit them for massive revenue and customer haul. It’s an exciting time for fashion and beauty. 

Annelise Sylta
Annelise Sylta
Annelise Sylta is a distinguished figure in the digital marketing and PR industry. After earning her MBA from FIDM, she solidified her educational foundation, paving the way for her professional endeavors.Since she was invited as a contributor on Wild mag, Anne has continuously inspired readers with her exemplary leadership skills, profound marketing know-how, and an unwavering passion for her dreams. Her narrative resonates deeply with the core values of Wild Mag. In Los Angeles, she has carved a niche for herself, excelling as the Creative Director at Deviate Agency and the Director of Operations at SomeFuse. Her rise to these important roles in a mere two years speaks volumes about her capabilities and ambition. Anne's approach to business is anchored in her unwavering commitment to integrity. She upholds the principle that genuine honesty is the bedrock of trusting and respected professional bonds.Supported by her natural intuition, Anne effortlessly navigates the intricate pathways of her industry. Through her contributions and journey, Anne serves as an embodiment of Wild Mag's ethos, showing readers that with the right blend of passion, integrity, and knowledge, even the wildest dreams are within reach.


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