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Aesthetics Go Far Beyond Skin Deep


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Beauty is a concept that has been idolized for centuries by the human race. Cleopatra, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn – tales of the physical beauty of these women still ring through the halls of history, but beauty goes far beyond skin deep. 

Beauty is so much more than how we appear to others, it’s about how we feel inside and the confidence we have in ourselves. When we feel good on the outside, our inner beauty can shine through and empower us to take risks and be bolder in our life choices.

Founder of True Medical Aesthetics, Tristen Durkin, shares her passion behind creating a beauty clinic that empowers women to feel good about themselves in a way that has far-reaching effects.

“At True Medical Aesthetics, we believe beauty is more than skin deep. We understand that when we don’t feel our best on the outside, it can really hold us back from achieving our goals and feeling empowered in other areas of our lives. That’s why we aim to provide a safe space for women where they can be their authentic selves and come away from spending time with our team feeling their best inside and out.”

True Medical Aesthetics is not just another medical aesthetics clinic. Yes, it offers all the usual services of injectables, laser treatments, and weight loss therapies but it is the why behind the brand that truly makes a difference.

“There is a lot of pressure from society to look a certain way in order to be considered beautiful. Out of that pressure arises insecurity and so much of that insecurity is preyed upon by those in the aesthetics industry. I really wanted to create a safe place for women to feel accepted and welcomed just as they are. We address so many different things in terms of aesthetics, but we also pair that with a rigid screening process to establish whether or not someone is seeking a treatment for the ‘right’ reasons and an approach to holistic wellness,” shares Durkin. “Mental health and the way we feel about ourselves makes all the difference when it comes to the way in which we live our lives. I think that the tragic losses that I have experienced in my life have led me to the path that I am on today.”

Having the father of one of her children pass away due to addiction combined with the loss of her own father to suicide, Durkin realizes just how important looking after our mental health is.

“Connection, acceptance, and respect are things that human beings crave, and we need to receive them from external sources but also from within ourselves. People around you can tell you that there is nothing wrong with your thin upper lip or sun-damaged skin, but if internally you believe that there is, for whatever reason, be that past trauma, lack of self-confidence, conditioning, or whatever, then it doesn’t matter what anyone says, you will feel less confident and secure within yourself and that in turn will likely hold you back from going after what it is your truly want in life,” explains Durkin.

“The services offered by the aesthetics industry are often judged as being vain, shallow, and labeled as unnatural, however, when done with the right intentions, they can truly change a person’s life. To me, it is not about changing the way a person looks. I would never want that, and I turn people away who I feel are not the right fit for our space. It is about restoring a person’s natural beauty leaving them feeling refreshed, confident, and empowered – feelings which radiate out into all areas of their lives. I want women to take the time to truly consider, that if all the noise from society, the media, etc, was quiet, and they weren’t fearful about what anyone else would say or think, what would they do to make themselves happier in a healthy way? That single contemplative question alone is powerful beyond measure. We all deserve to feel happy, confident, and beautiful, every day.”

At the end of the day, beauty is much more than what we look like. It’s about how we feel and how confident we are in ourselves to take on life’s challenges.

Tarryn Reeves
Tarryn Reeves
Tarryn Reeves is the CEO and founder of Four Eagles Publishing, the publishing house of choice for entrepreneurs who want to make an impact with their words. Together with her team, she works with high-level entrepreneurs to create best-selling books that act as marketing tools and authority builders that grow their businesses and create ripple effects of impact with their message across the globe. She is a USA Today best-selling author, book coach, publisher, freelance writer, ghostwriter, and speaker whose work has been featured in Forbes, Newsweek, the Los Angeles Times, World News Network, Thrive Global, and more. When Tarryn isn’t creating best-sellers, she can be found spending time in nature or reading a book with a cup of herbal tea. http://www.foureaglespublishing.com/


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