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Annual Leadership Conference to be Hosted by Edison


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Edison State Community College will be hosting the Mosaic of Community Leadership Conference on May 24, 2023. The conference focuses on transformational and transactional leadership in today’s ever-evolving society. The keynote speaker for the event is John M. Carreon, the partner and CEO of Advancement Experts.

The Mosaic of Community Leadership Conference aims to equip those in leadership positions with knowledge and tools necessary to be effective change-makers in their communities. This includes non-profit organization leaders, city officials, business owners, school administrators, and community activists. The event is a great opportunity for emerging leaders, veterans, and community members at large to come together and learn how to lead more intentionally and effectively.

The keynote speaker, John M. Carreon, speaks to the critical importance of using resources for good. He believes in the power of vision, and that to achieve anything great, we must have a vision that inspires us. John’s company, Advancement Experts, specializes in helping non-profit organizations pursue their vision, missions and dreams. John will bring his unique insights and extensive experience to the conference, providing attendees with an innovative and inspiring presentation.

Breakout educational sessions will be conducted throughout the conference covering various topics like grant application and management, financial considerations, recruitment and communication, diversity, financial management, friend-raising and fundraising, governance and leadership, human resources, and partnerships.

Grant application and management sessions will focus on opportunities available to non-profit organizations and guidelines and tips on preparing successful grant applications. This will also include the importance of proper grant management and reporting.

Financial consideration sessions aim to teach attendees with limited budgets how to manage their expenses efficiently. Strategies may include proper budgeting techniques and alternative funding sources that organizations can use to fund their initiatives.

Recruitment and communication sessions will address the best practices organizations can follow when looking for new members and how to develop communication channels that support recruitment efforts.

Diversity sessions will discuss the importance of an inclusive community, providing strategies for promoting diversity and creating an environment that welcomes all people.

Financial management sessions will explain how to use accounting or technological systems to manage finances efficiently. Attendees will learn the tools needed to discuss financial strategies and create budgets that fit their organization’s needs.

Friend-raising and fundraising sessions will teach attendees how to reach out to supporters or local communities and develop relationships with them. Attendees will learn how to apply effective friend-raising techniques to raise awareness about their organization, and later fundraising strategies to support their mission.

Governance and leadership sessions will uncover strategies that assist in managing the organization’s operations and how to use leadership positions effectively to ensure team success.

Human resource sessions will focus on acquiring the right people for the right jobs and ensuring legal and equitable employment practices are in place.

Finally, partnership sessions will teach the best techniques to collaborate with other organizers within your community to achieve common objectives that positively impact the community.

The conference is made possible through the continued support of The Paul G. Duke Foundation. Paul G. Duke was a successful business owner who believed in philanthropy and giving back to the community. The foundation provides funding for numerous initiatives aimed at supporting community development, education, and social welfare.

In conclusion, the Mosaic of Community Leadership Conference is the perfect event for those who want to improve their leadership skills and learn about the best practices to impact their community positively. By providing a space for discussion and learning, the conference not only produces excellent leaders but also functioning communities.


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