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Beauty Brand Coaching By Heather Marianna


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Want to start your own beauty brand? Beauty Kitchen’s founder and CEO Heather Marianna has started a program to teach and help women succeed in the beauty business. “We’ve helped over 100 brands launch through our private label and bra Heather Marianna nd incubator program and we can help you.”

“From someone who started reading skincare articles in magazines as a ten to someone that’s taking one of my skincare brands public, I can give you the coaching, motivation, and map to success that you’ll need as you create your dream skincare line. With me as your go-to girl on all things skincare (branding, marketing and manufacturing), I can turn your ideas into a reality.”

Along with running two successful businesses, Heather also runs a brand incubator and accelerator program. “I started the brand incubator ad accelerator program because I was constantly being approached by people – celebrities or our customers – who asked me for advice about how to start their own beauty brand,” said Heather.

“I already have the manufacturing and marketing capabilities in place, so I provide full, turn-key coaching that can get someone started from conception to production and retail. That can really go a long way in getting someone off the grounds with their own product line.

The accelerator program is open to anyone. “We provide everything they need. I guide them through the preliminary stages of developing the brand, from sourcing and formulation of their products, manufacturing, all the way to marketing and selling.


Heather Marianna
Heather Marianna
Heather Marianna is a businesswoman, philanthropist and dog mom. She skyrocketed in popularity with the launch of her Beauty Kitchen YouTube series in 2012, in which she showcased simple DIY beauty recipes made with common kitchen household ingredients. She quickly generated a powerful following with millions of viewers. With the channel’s growing success, the bubbly social media personality translated her passion for looking and feeling her absolute best into the development of her all-natural, plant-based beauty and skincare product line, Beauty Kitchen, which delivers a luxurious at-home spa experience with simple ingredients at an affordable price. Heather has appeared in hundreds of magazines, websites and TV news segments demonstrating her DIY skincare treatments.


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