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Sababay Winery was established with a visionary mission to uplift the livelihoods of Bali’s farmers by blending culinary excellence with locally-crafted wines.

AS the official wine partner of the Indonesian government’s ‘Wonderful Indonesia’ initiative, Sababay Winery has recently expanded its horizons, embracing a newfound passion for distinctive experiences that harmonize exceptional wines, gourmet regional delicacies, and rich cultural immersion. This exciting addition of wine tourism to Bali’s repertoire is characterized by a steadfast commitment to authenticity, unwavering quality standards, and inventive creativity.

Nestled along the picturesque ‘Saba’ Bay in Gianyar, Bali, Sababay Winery’s dedicated team curates meticulously crafted guided tours, brimming with fervor, to shine a spotlight on Bali’s remarkable creative economic offerings, spanning from luscious grapes to exquisite wines.

Forging Partnerships for Triumph

The brainchild behind Sababay Winery, Mdm Mulyati Gozali, embarked on this remarkable journey after decades of navigating the realms of management and finance. She stands as the sturdy pillar of this brand. In 2010, when she bore witness to the trials faced by grape growers in northern Bali, it ignited her resolve to join hands with these farmers and transform grapes into the most value-added product—the fine art of winemaking.

Sababay Winery has been blessed with the expertise of the immensely talented French winemaker, Guillaume Queron. Hailing from a lineage of winemakers in Bordeaux, Guillaume has crafted extraordinary wines for Chateau Villa Mongiron and earned distinction as a top pupil under the legendary Jean-Luc Thunevin, the pioneer of the garage wine movement in Bordeaux.

Together, the Sababay team embarks on an ambitious journey, exploring the prospect of marrying the world’s finest grape varieties from France and Italy with the diverse terroirs of Indonesia, allowing New Latitude wines to flourish amidst the tropical embrace of the equatorial line.

Sowing the Seeds of Innovation

“Sababay Winery recognized the paramount importance of innovation and adaptation to the ever-evolving global trends, all while steadfastly adhering

to our guiding motto, ‘New Latitude, New Attitude,’” remarked Evy Gozali, Sababay’s Co-founder and CEO. This dynamic mother-daughter duo places immense faith in stimulating job creation within the tourism sector by delivering premium local products. Their vision is rooted in sowing the seeds of knowledge through education and empowering individuals with technology, enabling them to reap the bountiful rewards that Indonesia holds.

Elevating the Standards

Embarking on a journey to acquaint oneself with Sababay Wines and their recently acclaimed spirit collection, SABA, is an absolute must for enthusiasts of fine wines and spirits. The Winery and Distillery Tours offer delightful experiences in the company of kindred souls who share a passion for exceptional libations.

Sababay proudly presents the first-ever winery tour in Bali, an opportunity for the public to immerse themselves in the splendor of Sababay’s natural offerings. This original and authentic experience presents an enjoyable education in wine appreciation and pairing, inviting participants to savor the nuances of locally crafted New Latitude Wines.

The captivating odyssey commences with an authentic tour designed to evoke curiosity and expand wine knowledge in a relaxed and comfortable setting. Guests gain insight into the winemaking process from inception to completion, culminating in a delightful wine-tasting session, followed by relaxation in the serene garden surroundings.

Join and Discover

Crafted with pride in Indonesia, Sababay consistently demonstrates its dedication to producing international-grade wines and spirits that are accessible to all. Simultaneously, the brand remains committed to giving back to the local community and region.

Tel: +62 361 949099 / +62 813 53219858

IG: @sababaywinery @sababay.distillery

www.sababaywinery.com visit@sababaywinery.com


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