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Create a Greater Sense of Resilience by ReWilding Your Life


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It’s long been recognised by scientists the world over that nature exerts a huge impact on the ability of human beings to revitalize their systems, be it physically, emotionally, mentally and even financially.

In recent years, health and wellness practitioners have started to adopt the term “Rewilding” to describe a more natural approach to well-being. This particular term was initially used in the Environmental sector, where it means “to restore biodiversity, create a self-sustainable environment, mitigate climate change and restore lost species” (Oxford Dictionary).  

If we were to apply the Rewilding principle to humans, we could expect that the population might revert to a more natural state, which could see them dropping some unhealthy habits, connecting more to nature and adopting more holistic living practices.  Can anyone see any possible benefits that aligning with those kinds of targets might have – for our bodies, our minds, our families, our businesses, our healthcare systems… and the global population as a whole?

Given the current state of our post-pandemic world where we seem to be battling continual increases in stress and anxiety across all areas of our lives, where the incidence of chronic diseases continues to expand, and every continent seems to be battling waves of economic instability, political radicalism and social disorder, surely a return to a more natural state of living could be a positive contribution to the greater good?

 It’s time for us to calm the inflammation that is blazing
through our veins and make some better choices
that will nurture our bodies and souls.

What are the Benefits of Rewilding?

The potential results of such a return to nature would not just positively impact our health and happiness, but it could build a much greater sense of physical and emotional resilience and deepen the sense of connection the average person has with themselves and the Earth, leaving people feeling nourished, abundant and thriving in their daily lives.  Now imagine what could happen if that positive impact then flowed right throughout every aspect of our lives – through our relationships, businesses, communities and even the impact each individual person has on the world!

So How Do You Re-Wild Yourself?

That’s actually a pretty interesting question, and the answer is only limited by your imagination. There are hundreds of simple actions that you can choose to take every day if you wish.  Most of the time these activities are free or very inexpensive, and the benefits can be simply astounding.  Some of my favorites are:

  1. Reconnect With Nature:
    Take a walk outside – on the beach, through a forest, or just in your local park.  Explore a river, climb a mountain or simply relax in your own garden.  If you can, walk barefoot and take some time to ground your body (we are electrical beings, and sometimes our nervous system can really benefit from discharging our stress into the Earth).
  2. Disconnect Digitally:

    When you press pause on receiving judgments from your various social media platforms, you will find that you’re much more likely to hear your own soul with greater clarity and ease – and that self-awareness is a truly precious gift.

  3. Plant and Tend a Garden:

This doesn’t have to be a huge project – even a few plants in pots on your balcony are sufficient. Apart from the physical benefits of grounding yourself, the overall act of growing your own food provides you with the opportunity to nourish yourself and your family, physically, mentally, emotionally and financially. Not to mention the positive effect you can have on the planet, making living more sustainable.

  1. Tune Into The Seasons:

    As much as possible try to eat according to what is in season. Not only is this healthier for your body, but it also acts to expand your awareness of what is happening in your corner of the planet. So if you can, buy vegetables as close to their source of production as possible. You will be amazed at how much better they taste when they are super fresh and you will be supporting your local farmers.
  2. Connect With Your Body:

    Move your body! Walk. Run. Stretch. Climb. Swim. Breathe.  Take time daily to connect with your body – talk to it like it’s your best friend (because isn’t it?)  Ask it what it wants to do/wear/eat/drink etc. And make sure you listen to its answers.

These are just five simple steps you can take at any time that will move you onto the path of Rewilding your body and spirit. It doesn’t have to be hard or complicated. It is simply about living lighter and being more in tune with your environment. Perhaps it’s time to be a little more childlike in our living and to engage more deeply with our surroundings.

At the core of this adventure is the concept that a life well-lived is one where we don’t settle for “just surviving”.  We are all amazing human beings, and we have the opportunity to live our best and brightest life right now. There is no reason to wait for something else to happen. 
Are you brave enough to accept the challenge to THRIVE every single day?

Are you willing to step up today?

I dare you to make some small steps toward ReWilding your life today, so you can see what impact it can have in your own life.

Estelle Gibbins
Estelle Gibbins
Estelle Gibbins is a Writer and Wellbeing Facilitator based in Perth, Australia. As the creator of Wild Wellbeing Co. She is passionate about Energy Facilitation and changing how we integrate our Mind, Body and Spirit to create a greater future. http://www.estellegibbins.com


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