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Developing the Mindset Required to Build a Lasting Legacy


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Legacy. This word stirs up so many feelings within us. Feelings like determination, inspiration, immortality, impact , and satisfaction. The dictionary defines legacy as “the long-lasting impact of particular events, actions, etc. that took place in the past, or of a person’s life.” To leave a legacy is to create a part of yourself that will impact future generations. More and more successful entrepreneurs are seeking to develop legacies through their work. How do these legacy builders think, and what do they focus on to create a legacy? Lady JB Owen, Founder and CEO of Ignite Publishing, JBO Global Inc and Ignite Moments Media, shares five essential mindset markers that impactful humans need to cultivate to create a lasting legacy.

Geocentric Thinking

Geocentric thinking involves an expansive view of one’s work/business and how it affects people in different parts of the world. It requires understanding opportunities available in various markets and regions and then acting on those opportunities with creativity and purpose. “Some questions to consider when developing geocentric thinking are ‘What can I create that goes beyond just me as a single person?’ and ‘What is something that is going to help a multitude of people in a very communicative, collaborative, cohesive, way?’,” shares Owen. With this global perspective, entrepreneurs can ensure their legacy will extend far beyond its original boundaries. 

Creating Possibilities for Future Generations

This means looking beyond immediate business objectives and considering the long-term implications of one’s work/business. Legacy-building entrepreneurs should strive to create change that outdates their lifespans, making it possible for those who come after them to realize the same dreams and successes they achieved. “We have to think about what’s possible, not what isn’t. I’m a huge proponent of teaching the new generation about what’s possible because, in the knowingness of what is possible, they can create things that haven’t even been thought of yet,” says Owen. 

Wealth Consciousness

Wealth consciousness involves understanding the power of money and how it can generate positive outcomes in the world. It also means knowing when and how to invest capital in impacting people’s lives and being aware of social responsibility. “Developing a wealth consciousness sees you moving out of self-preservation, self-indulgence, self-satisfaction, and grandiose ego and into a space where you understand that we can all rise up together. Wealth is so much more than dollars and cents,” says Owen. Wealth consciousness has us considering questions such as ‘How can we make as many people as wealthy as possible?’ and ‘How can everyone be wealthy in terms of finances, health, wellness, peace, and harmony?’ 

Positive Emotional Impact

Entrepreneurs looking to build a legacy understand that success is not only about financial gain but also about leaving an impression in the hearts and minds of those they work with. Creating a positive emotional impact involves connecting with people emotionally, inspiring them to take action, and motivating them to follow their dreams. “Leaving a legacy isn’t about the accolades or position in society; it’s about the very human need to feel something!” states Owen. Therefore, understanding and developing your leadership skills based on your emotional impact is essential to the legacy-building puzzle.

More Than Business

Finally, entrepreneurs on a mission to build a legacy understand that creating one requires more than just business acumen; it also needs heart and soul. This means recognizing that there is something bigger than oneself at play and having a passion for making the world better in some way. It also means understanding how one’s presence can be used to make a difference in other people’s lives. Entrepreneurs who want to build a legacy have a different currency to success that goes beyond money and business, and they want humanitarianism, connectedness, and cohesion. 

By developing these components of a legacy-building mindset, entrepreneurs can create powerful legacies that will endure long after they are gone. They can impact the lives of those around them and pave the way for future generations to follow in their footsteps and help Lady JB on her mission to Ignite Humanity.

Tarryn Reeves
Tarryn Reeves
Tarryn Reeves is the CEO and founder of Four Eagles Publishing, the publishing house of choice for entrepreneurs who want to make an impact with their words. Together with her team, she works with high-level entrepreneurs to create best-selling books that act as marketing tools and authority builders that grow their businesses and create ripple effects of impact with their message across the globe. She is a USA Today best-selling author, book coach, publisher, freelance writer, ghostwriter, and speaker whose work has been featured in Forbes, Newsweek, the Los Angeles Times, World News Network, Thrive Global, and more. When Tarryn isn’t creating best-sellers, she can be found spending time in nature or reading a book with a cup of herbal tea. http://www.foureaglespublishing.com/


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