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Enchant a candle


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When we think about making wishes, performing prayers, or making a ritual, generally the first element that we think of is a candle; its light permeates our intentions with magic. The moment when we breathe and light the candle, we give it an extra energy charge to our wish, taking the expected result for granted.

The majority of us have celebrated a birthday with cake and a candle for our wish, when we blow this candle we already have visualized our wish accomplished, and if it was with love from our hearts with a sincere smile and joy in our spirit, soon our wish will be real. That is the magic of candles.

I consider candles that are made from more noble materials like natural wax (soy, palms, coconut, bees, etc.) have a bigger charge of positive energy, and if it was made with love, happiness and hope; It will have a better energy.

Keep in mind that despite having the most noble materials to create art, if the feelings when making it are frustration, guilt, anger or vengeance, it won’t work. It would be best if we knew who is making the candles for our wishes and that they are customized, but, this is optional.

When you buy a candle, it is recommended that you do a “cleansing” process before charging it with your intentions. And, And, how do we do it? You can light some incense or a twig of white sage and pass the candle through the smoke thinking that this smoke harmonizes and surrounds the candle with a special halo full of love and peace.

If you like crystals, you could also leave your candle surrounded by amethysts and a quartz crystal.

If you believe in angels you could leave candles besides an image that you have of them, not so long ago i saw a friend doing something interesting to cleanse her candles, she wrapped them in a ribbon which had multiple times the word “love” and a reiki symbol that she wrote, she left them like that for a complete day on her altar, then continued with her ritual.

My advice is, take a candle, or candles, between your hands, then get it close to your heart and feel how you want to cleanse them; maybe you simply want to blow them and pray in that moment, feel that your candles are ready to create a magical moment with them.

About the colors of your candle, each color has its own purpose and meaning, feel free to try colors that catch your attention, there is a lot of information about it but here are some that I use:

White: It’s a multifunctional color; it can help us at any moment; it is a symbol of peace and tranquility, so the truth is revealed.

Yellow: It activates creativity, happiness, and positivism.

Blue: When I want to communicate something, boost my confidence and feel protected, think with clarity, having a feeling of expansion.

Green: Health, healing in terms of prosperity.

Pink: Compassion, self-love, universal love.

Red: For passion, courage, strength, the one I can.

Orange: To motivate, break with repressed or blocked ideas, it helps us see a different point of view, a new path to follow.

Violet: To close cycles, transform energies, and listen more clearly out intuition.

Black: Protection. absorbs negative energy in some places.

Colored candles are used, such as a white with rose to bring greater energy of love, peace and tranquility in a family.

To finish a simple and powerful ritual:

Take the candle in your hands, take it close to your Heart, whisper your intention, thank him that his light illuminated with joy and in perfect balance for a greater good.

Turn it on, and stare at its flame for a few minutes, imagining the best result for your purpose.

For each intention of a candle, I suggest you have no more than three intentions at a time; it is better to focus your energy on the most important thing for you first, a candle is lit for propositions not of others; there is free will, and we must respect it.

A well-intentioned candle is a powerful tool, so be careful how you use it.

Remember to always follow safety recommendations about its use.

Experience and try, the magic of candles is within everyone’s reach.

Eugenia Canon
Eugenia Canon
Coach in topics of manifestation, practitioner of holistic therapies, reiki, gemoterapia, tarot arcana. I teach women about demonstration tools, energy cleaning, and closing cycles. Founder of Andalucia light details in Colombia. www.andaluciafavors.com


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