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From ‘No’ to ‘Yes’: The Power of Persistence and Adaptability in Sales


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The statement “every ‘no’ gets you closer to a ‘yes'” is often used in sales to emphasize the importance of persistence and resilience. While it may not hold true in every single sales situation, there are a few reasons why this concept can be beneficial: 

1. Learning and Adaptation: Each “no” provides an opportunity to learn and adapt your sales approach. By understanding why a potential customer declined your offer, you can make necessary adjustments to improve your pitch or address any concerns more effectively. This iterative process helps refine your sales technique and increases your chances of success in future interactions. 

2. Building Relationships: Building relationships with potential customers is a crucial aspect of sales. Even if someone initially says “no,” maintaining a positive attitude and respectful persistence can demonstrate your commitment and professionalism. It gives you a chance to continue engaging with the prospect, nurturing the relationship over time. As you establish trust and rapport, their willingness to reconsider or explore alternative solutions may increase. 

3. Overcoming Objections: Often, a “no” in sales is not a definitive rejection but rather an objection that needs addressing. Objections provide valuable insights into the customer’s concerns, allowing you to respond with tailored solutions or additional information that might alleviate their doubts. By actively addressing objections and offering relevant solutions, you demonstrate your commitment to meeting the customer’s needs, which can turn a “no” into a “yes.” 

4. Timing and Readiness: In some cases, a “no” may be a result of poor timing or a lack of readiness on the customer’s part. They may not currently have a need for your product or service, or they may be facing budgetary constraints. However, circumstances can change, and by staying in touch and maintaining a relationship, you position yourself to be top-of-mind when their situation evolves, increasing the chances of converting their initial “no” into a future “yes.” 

It’s important to note that while persistence is valuable in sales, it should always be balanced with respect for the customer’s decision. Pushing too hard or becoming overly aggressive can have a negative impact on the relationship and may hinder future opportunities. Effective sales professionals know how to strike the right balance between persistence, adaptability, and respect for the customer’s boundaries.

Kortney Murray
Kortney Murray
CEO Founder of Coastal Kapital Kortney Murray is one of the most connected female business leaders on the East Coast. After opening and, ultimately, closing her first business—a clothing boutique in San Diego—she moved into finance to help other small business owners, like herself, face the enormous challenge of navigating the financial world. As her knowledge of the industry grew, she formed her own company, Farhat Leasing, LLC in 2007, which became the springboard for her current company, Coastal Kapital LLC. Kortney has been featured on Nasdaq, Newsmax, Bloomberg and Fox Business and in magazines such as USA Today, Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, LA Tribune, Think and Grow Rich, and many more. She also sits on the board of American Association of Commercial Finance Brokers (AACFB). Kortney and her husband Chris are yoga instructors, the proud owners of four rescue felines, avid travelers and boaters, and rally for many charitable causes, most recently for autism spectrum disorders and cancer research. http://www.coastalkapital.com/


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