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How do you create a total life transformation?


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Ultimately, many of those things with making a life change is that you have to be able to reshift yourself into looking at where you are in the moment.

During the pandemic, I did speaking engagements to help others focus on extreme gratitude and being able to be grateful for all of the physical things that are supporting you; like your bed, your stove, your refrigerator, your shower, your toilet, your computer, the internet service, the people at the water company, it was literally blessing back and forward.

Thanking the people that had been able to bring food to my door, first responders, health care workers, etc and when we look at all of these supports that we take for granted that are there in our infrastructure, we can then start to focus on re-shifting our entire mindset.

Focusing on the abundance mindset in all facets of your life; body, mind, spirit. Being able to say yes to the universe means re-falling in love with yourself.  Finding a way to see what’s good about you as opposed to focusing on the flaws. And then from there, reigniting the dreams that you thought that had died within you. Then, finally, becoming the VIP of your own life.

When you do those three things, when we reignite those things we reinvigorate our lives and we add extra energy and frequency to that which we had basically allowed to go dormant. And by having that opportunity to be able to do that, you can open yourself up to multiple opportunities and communities all over the world.

I have built some absolutely amazingly beautiful friendships, built businesses, and I am an author in the Women Gone Wild : Wealth Edition Book, to empower women to step into their authentic voices that became an international bestseller on June 8, 2022 and will be in 46 countries and 18 languages in January of 2023.

The trajectory of everything that has happened is due to the fact that you have to suspend disbelief and you have to stay in a state of childlike wonder. Having that sense of where being an adult doesn’t have to be so serious. And really , even though we’re looking at real things in real time, it’s also going back and healing those traumas and those issues that we’ve had before and allowing ourselves to step into the greatest version of ourselves that we possibly can.

It’s bringing the 5D into 3D reality by being a manifester. Your outer reality can still not look like you want it to and that’s ok, because there is a process called perturbation that allows you to shift from the old into the new. You choosing a different reality by trying something new allows for your brain to start rewiring itself. I’m absolutely and positively still a work in progress. I still have a lot of growing and healing to do.

But by being able to say yes to the universe, I magnetized a documentary that I filmed with Dr. John Demartini in Houston in May that will be coming out in 2023, and I will be in an additional book series, having the opportunity of building communities with people who are like minded that I call heart centered conscious entrepreneurs, with the Mastermind that I’m in with the Los Angeles Tribune, and Denis Waitley himself.

It means having other opportunities that seem almost impossible, but they become these golden opportunities that come out of nowhere because you’re stepping into that bending reality space, the opportunity to be in that Silva Ultra mind space of where you are bending the reality to allow that your thoughts are things.

The friendships that I’ve developed with people that have come forward and all these beautiful spaces, is a testament to the fact that when we open ourselves up to new frequencies and new opportunities, our worlds can change very dramatically.

Right now I’m in a state of perturbation, and that means that I’m still in the old paradigm while I’m stepping into the new paradigm. But all of this is literally almost like the chrysalis of the butterfly having an opportunity to be able to metamorphosize into something completely different from what you were before. No longer the caterpillar but allowing yourself to be the butterfly.

Again, your opinion of yourself is the most important thing that matters. Not everyone is going to understand your vision. Not everyone’s going to be able to relate to what you’re accomplishing and what you’re doing.  Unfortunately, people do get jealous and they get competitive, and that sense of where even though we don’t want to, that is human nature and ultimately that has to be part of the process.

Being able to intentionally step into these beautiful spaces, to be of service to humanity. When you are in that state, you can’t lose because you’re focusing on something bigger than yourself. It’s not about the money. It’s not about the ego. It’s not about the success. It’s about connection, and that was one of the things I loved about what Vishen Lakhiani said was that he created Mindvalley to be able to alleviate loneliness. It is literally one of the most difficult things that our society as a globe is suffering from in regards to having us be isolated from each other in a way that we never have been before. If you have taken these last couple of years to be able to be introspective, and to evaluate yourself in an honest fashion, then you can also have the opportunity to become the best version of yourself and you can have the opportunity to become your own hero.

A hero, to me, is someone who inspires others by example to show that it is never too late to change the direction of your life and to step back into your authenticity of your purpose to reconnect to the seeds of who you wanted to be when you were little and realigning into your purpose and joy.

Embody your Mastery is here to guide you and help you go through with whatever that you’re currently experiencing right now. Visit our website at www.barbielayton.com

Barbie Layton
Barbie Layton
Barbie Layton is an international best-selling author, speaker, performer, and quantum intuitive healer and executive coach that works with CEO’s, elite athletes, and individuals to re-fall in love with themselves, re-animate their dreams, and become the VIP of their own lives. She is a California native and has lived on three continents, visited over 35 countries and all United States. She is a global citizen that works with different communities and has worked with Holocaust survivors, Vietnamese refugees, and prison projects and other populations that have allowed her to be of service. She now works as a leader of leaders to help shift organizations to optimize their harmony and increase their monetization. She is also a television host on The Best You TV where she interviews world thought leaders and an active member in the MindValley community. She has also been featured in international media, over fifty podcasts internationally, more than 15 magazines, including the cover of LiT magazine, and recently won a global humanitarian award from the Hoinser group. Email: intuitivebarbie1@gmail.com Website: www.barbielayton.com


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