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How To Attract Abundance


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If you’re not rich yet, it’s not your fault, your parent’s fault, or your friend’s fault, and it’s not even solely the fault of society, the government, or fate. It’s just a sign that your current wealth programming isn’t as good as it can be. You will get more if you focus on a particular aspect of your money. Having a money mindset is like having a magnetic energy field around you. You will only benefit if you attract and don’t repel. It is essential to realize that being rich is an art, not just a skill. When you apply what you have learnt over the years regarding money, you set out to create more, so it’s essential to release your money blocks.

For some, those money blocks are getting worse due to our digital age because many people need to own the cash they have. Therefore, your relationship with money can significantly affect your well-being, finances and anxiety levels. This article will help you to change those anxious thoughts using techniques to improve your emotions towards money so you can accept, appreciate and value what you have right now.

Understanding the abundance mindset

When you set out to make more money in your life, you may wonder whether it is even possible to achieve this. You might find it difficult to see yourself as wealthy, especially if it is unfamiliar and you know nothing but the lack. In addition, it is challenging to imagine how quickly changing your life to have abundance could be possible.

The first thing you need to overcome money blocks is an understanding that overcoming them is possible. However, it is only probable if you believe you can do it, so it is all about your belief systems. Chances are there are several limiting subconscious money blocks for you to change. You might want something different and decide to work hard at it, but your subconscious mind won’t let you until you shift your relationship with money and your energy around it.

If you learn to work with the subconscious mind, you can do this through Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) or Hypnotherapy and coaching. You can break down the old limiting beliefs and clear your unconscious mind. You can even program and install new neural pathways. For example, you can review your upbringing around money once you’ve learned more about yourself and what you feel about money through self-reflective psychology. You can then let go of anything that has kept you stuck and rewire those thoughts through practicing gratitude.

Here is a seven-step money gratitude formula:

Step 1 – Identify what makes you happy

When working, it’s best to choose to do something you have a passion and desire for – it has to interest you. Also, you’ve got to love it because you will have to spend much of your time doing it to earn from it.

Step 2 – Attention to details

Using your imagination helps you believe your thoughts can become a reality. For example, visualizing money allows you to understand better what it would mean to have it, as well as recognising what it already provides for you and why you want or need it.

Step 3 – Take action

Being willing to go after what you are passionate about is not the only thing you can do. Take action by transforming your thoughts into reality and plan ways to expand those ideas. Realize and value your potential by reflecting on how far you’ve come.

Step 4 – Fill your knowledge gaps

An efficient way to build confidence is by acquiring knowledge. Educate yourself by listening to podcasts, enrolling in an online course, or learning from your mistakes. If it doesn’t work out the first time, appreciate that you have more than one opportunity to try again.

Step 5 – Accept the uncertainty

Learn from those setbacks and reflect upon them, using them as opportunities to solve the issues. This resilience comes from self-belief and knowing that giving up is not an option. It’s moments like this when you start with one idea that another develops – ‘blessings in disguise’.

Step 6 – Take calculated risks

 If it is worth your while, then it is worth the risks.

Step 7 – Value your time

Understand what you are good at and develop your skills to become an expert. First, consider what you may waste your time on. Then, play to your strengths and find the support you need to eliminate your weaknesses.

How to lead an abundant lifestyle

Understanding what you think of when you envision being rich is important. Firstly, being rich isn’t just about a number in your bank account; it means living your life on your terms according to your potential, not your limitations. Secondly, the more you focus on lack, the more you will attract the lack. Thirdly, the more you focus on the surrounding abundance, the more you appreciate and value it. Finally, you recognise what is visible around you. For instance, the clothes you have, the furniture you use, the car or transportation you take, and the things and people around you that you cherish.

Change your life with positive thinking habits about money. Positive thinking is the key to changing your life and giving you money. Positive thinking habits can help you transform your attitude, making you more confident in everything you do. Of course, money doesn’t fall out of the sky, but if you use positive thinking habits, you can attract money into your life to help improve it.

Belynder Walia
Belynder Walia
Dr Belynder Walia is an award-winning Psychotherapist helping people who need a swift, effective solution to a current problem that negatively impacts their lives. She's worked with a wide variety of people, from stay-at-home carers to experts and celebrities in the public eye. Having suffered from Perinatal Anxiety, she focuses on enabling others to learn, heal and grow from pain. Belynder is the founder of Serene Lifestyles, an online and on-set psychotherapy practice at www.serenelifestyles.com. Her ground-breaking methods include a combination of Psychotherapy and Neuroplasticity to help align the THREE Brains (the head, heart, and gut). She's in many publications, including Popsugar, Stylist, Glamour, Forbes, Cosmopolitan, Harper's Bazaar, The Moment, Planet Mindful, and Thrive Global. She’s featured on the front cover of Passion Vista as one of the women to look up to in 2022. Belynder is also writing her first non-fiction book to help people radically change their minds to change their lives.' http://www.serenelifestyles.com/


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