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Leading the Charge: The Most Innovative Companies and CEOs of 2023


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“Even when the odds are not in your favor, if something is important enough, you do it,” famously quoted entrepreneur and inventor Elon Musk. This quote aptly captures the mindset of those who aspire to be innovative and successful in today’s dynamic and unpredictable world.

Leaders who embody this philosophy fearlessly take risks and challenge boundaries, even in the face of adversity. They are skilled at identifying problems and offering effective solutions while inspiring and motivating their teams.

We are thrilled to announce the winners of the “High Impact Awards,” recognizing the most innovative companies and CEOs of 2023. These outstanding companies and leaders epitomize Musk’s philosophy, utilizing their expertise to tackle challenges and push boundaries to achieve success. They fearlessly pursue innovation, regardless of the obstacles they encounter. These exceptional companies and CEOs are dedicated to making a difference and pushing the limits of what is possible.

  1. Kiri-Maree Moore, Global Advisor, Strategist, and Investor at Decision Velocity Global, is a top innovative CEO for 2023. Her willingness to disrupt patterns that don’t work and curate safe spaces for new approaches to occur sets her apart. She understands the Secret Advantage of exercising the muscle of Human Intelligence (HI) and prioritizes humanity as stakeholders to make decisions that add value to the human race. Decision Velocity Global’s initiative, The ONE Percent Movement, aims to get a billion commitments of 1% shifts on the wall of humanity by 2052. It’s a sustainable hope for the future. Kiri-Maree Moore’s approach is a true reflection of her innovative mindset and leadership.
  1. Zareef Hamid, Founder and CEO of Velwire. Working in collaboration with Bangladesh’s ICT Division and Central Bank, Velwire developed Binimoy, the country’s first and only real-time interoperable digital transactions platform. This landmark initiative facilitates swift, seamless and secure transactions for all users in the financial ecosystem and serves as an exemplary model for other countries looking to achieve financial inclusion. Velwire also works with multiple monetary authorities to design, build, and operate real-time payment systems and infrastructure for digital and programmable money.
  1. Pranav Arora, Founder, and CEO of JMTD Holdings and Head of Division at Just Funky. His passion for problem-solving and his constant pushing of the products he creates and the services he offers to the next level. He has previously been acknowledged for his innovativeness, strong company culture, and boundary-pushing contributions to the various industries he’s involved in. He is consistently thinking up new business ideas and doing whatever it takes to bring them to life.
  1. Jennifer Longmore, CEO of The Podcast Connector. Her company successfully booked thought leaders on highly coveted podcasts and stages. The Podcast Connector offers guaranteed bookings because of it’s confidence and their proprietary method of pitching, which has a pitched-to-booked rate three times higher than the industry average. They focus on building and leveraging relationships and have built their own proprietary strategic partnership method that is now being emulated by others in the industry. They are also innovating ads and sponsorships on podcasts, set to be released in 2023, and are on a mission to help thought leaders have a platform to elevate humanity.
  1. Kortney Murray, CEO, and Founder of Coastal Kapital, is a leader in innovation for the industry. Her company offers solutions for business growth that go beyond just financial solutions. With options for marketing, advertising, brand currency, and TV spaces, Coastal Kapital is able to provide a one-stop shop for businesses looking to expand and grow. The company’s innovative approach allows for more opportunity costs to be covered, fostering collaboration as the new success model. Coastal Kapital’s ability to think outside the box is what sets them apart and makes them one of the top innovative CEOs of 2023.
  1. Christina Rice, CEO of Christina the Channel. Her unique approach combines business acumen, frequency work, neural reprogramming, and personal development to devise world-class solutions to help people reach their highest potential. Christina has launched and scaled multiple businesses to 7-figures and beyond and has a proprietary strategic marketing method that has innovated the way millennials experience entrepreneurship, allowing them to rapidly increase their impact and revenue through energetics and personal transformation while building their dream empires. Her approach exemplifies how modern entrepreneurs can turn their passion into their purpose and transform one idea into a multi-faceted empire.
  1. Kimberly Maska, CEO of Maska Media, Inc. Her groundbreaking coaching process shows spiritual entrepreneurs how to use their business to serve on this planet consciously. She has created the #1 business platform for spiritual entrepreneurs, Spiritual Biz Academy, where she teaches how to simultaneously live your purpose, create prosperity and raise the frequency of our world. Maska is also the creator of Spiritual Biz Publishing, a publisher for authors dedicated to raising consciousness, Spiritual Biz Magazine, a magazine for spiritual entrepreneurs, and Spiritual Biz – The Agency, a full-service marketing agency that brings a high frequency to traditional marketing methods.
  1. Jaden Sterling, CEO of SSP Software, LLC. His company’s award-winning stock-picking software consistently outperforms industry averages and provides investing support for novice investors. The software, called “Sterling Stock Picker,” considers social media sentiment and analyzes financial, technical and fundamental metrics for 60,000 publicly traded companies. The use of AI and Machine Learning in the software allows for future stock price predictions, which gives subscribers the ability to make the best possible investment choices for their portfolio and let go of their reliance on banks and brokerage firms.
  1. Alok Appadurai, Founder and CEO of Uplift Millions. Alok is on a mission to create 10 million wealth circulators during his lifetime and beyond. His company, Uplift Millions, is a carbon-neutral global coaching company for results-driven, impact-led leaders and entrepreneurs who value people, planet, and profit. As an empath, Alok has always felt the feelings of others deep inside his soul, and it is this empathy that drives him to help others succeed. With his experience and expertise, Alok aims to train and equip individuals to become highly trained salespeople, able to close deals with ease, grace, and a relentless commitment to doing good.

10. Heather Dye is the CEO of Wigs For Every Woman, a company that helps women of all ages and backgrounds feel beautiful and confident. Heather’s belief in the power of self-confidence and self-belief is at the core of her business. She believes that if you believe you can achieve anything, you will. Despite initial skepticism from others, Heather has built a successful business and community of thousands of women who are served daily. She is a true testament to the power of positive thinking and determination.

Annelise Sylta
Annelise Sylta
Annelise Sylta is a distinguished figure in the digital marketing and PR industry. After earning her MBA from FIDM, she solidified her educational foundation, paving the way for her professional endeavors.Since she was invited as a contributor on Wild mag, Anne has continuously inspired readers with her exemplary leadership skills, profound marketing know-how, and an unwavering passion for her dreams. Her narrative resonates deeply with the core values of Wild Mag. In Los Angeles, she has carved a niche for herself, excelling as the Creative Director at Deviate Agency and the Director of Operations at SomeFuse. Her rise to these important roles in a mere two years speaks volumes about her capabilities and ambition. Anne's approach to business is anchored in her unwavering commitment to integrity. She upholds the principle that genuine honesty is the bedrock of trusting and respected professional bonds.Supported by her natural intuition, Anne effortlessly navigates the intricate pathways of her industry. Through her contributions and journey, Anne serves as an embodiment of Wild Mag's ethos, showing readers that with the right blend of passion, integrity, and knowledge, even the wildest dreams are within reach.


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