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Remember Your Moonlight


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The gentle curve

The soothing glow

The sensual draw


The soft guidance of Mother Moon holds us tenderly

In the absence of Father Sun.

The moon has always been honored as the gentle, calm and creative feminine dimension of humanity. The sun is the white, hot, and strong masculine aspect of our human form. In the feminine we are to be, and in the masculine we are to do. 

This masculine, fast paced and linear world has forgotten the power, and strength yet softened curves, and sensuality, of the feminine. In a world so out of balance, how do we recalibrate and reclaim the gentleness of the yin, the nurturing sweetness of the Moon Mother Energy?

Even though every human has masculine and feminine inner forces, the masculine is palpable through almost every aspect of society.  We have created an imbalance within the universe with the heavy “achieve all” mentality we are steeped in daily. Both are precious, life-giving and necessary energies that grant us harmony within, from without ourselves and in  our societies.  Being stuck in, or heavily weighed down by one or the other, keeps us from wholeness, self-love and in a vicious cycle of monotony. Along with this strong tilt toward leadership, action, courage and assertiveness, comes no rest, little creativity and limited gentleness with ourselves and others.  Is this what is wrong with society and why anger prevails over love and peace? Is this why sex has become commercialized and harsh instead of sensual and connected?  How do we bring balance back to the universe, toning down the sun and reclaiming the tender guidance and light of the moon.

Here are a few suggestions that might help bring balance within:

Stillness. When we find stillness, we can feel into our bodies and recognize where we are tense, stressed and overly active. Taking the time to be in stillness, meditate, take a hot bath, whatever calls to you, allows you to calm and connect to your body and spirit. Bringing that gentleness to your self-care, returns you to peace within.

Sensuality. Own your sensuality.  Along with self-care, remember that, as women, we are built to move in curvy, flowing and carnal ways. Feeling into your innate need for pleasure and connection draws out the creative, sacral energy that lives within you. Once you begin to reawaken this euphoric goddess, you will not want to rejoin the power suits on the streets. You will crave the cool waterfalls and the breeze upon a meadow.

Connection. Touch more often.  Connection with others is not only a core, soul need, according to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, but it also creates comfort and warmth within our relationships. Touch is one of many ways that allow deep connectedness.  A gentle hug, a listening ear, eye contact and authenticity create bonds that a pat on the back, a firm handshake and a smirk will never produce.

Intuition. Listen to the intuition swirling deep inside you. Our Solar Plexus chakra screams for our attention. Feeling into the knowing that our body provides us, helps to avoid regret, danger and those full body nos. In turn, it allows us the space and ease that comes with the full body yeses. Women have long been criticized, ridiculed and persecuted for the wisdom from our innate knowing.  But, we are in our power when we listen to our bodies and our prowess that emerges when we trust our intuition.

Love. Love often and passionately. The feminine holds the unconditional bond of love within itself. Nothing can replace the Mother Love encased in her gentle arms. Loving from an open heart invites reverence to return unhindered. Where the masculine craves power and control, the feminine craves love and compatibility.

With these simple practices, we can strive for a more curvaceous, vivacious, gentle and sensual energy to engulf our world. We can begin to balance the moon and the sun within our life. So go outside, barefoot, look up at that glorious moon, howl, cry, pray, open your heart to the sky and be thankful for the tranquil and gentle guidance that our Mother Moon graces upon us.

Carrie Myers
Carrie Myers
Carrie J. Myers, MSW, RYT 500, wife and mother of three, has been writing since she was 10 years old. Her poetry, which reflects the phases of her life has helped her process her journey along the way. As a yoga instructor, she discovers new ways to dig deep into her subconscious, pulling from her practice, the words that hold higher meaning and growth. She hopes to inspire change in the hearts and souls of her readers, while holding space for each interpretation to resonate with each soul’s purpose. Carrie is passionate about creating and recognizing the beauty in the mess that life can throw at us, at times. Her goal is to help readers to rediscover their authentic selves and revive, create, and excavate their light from within. For more from Carrie, visit her website carriemyersauthor.com. Author of Soul Confetti: Celebrating Life’s Lessons and lead author for the collaborative book, Soul Shine: Excavate Your Light and Claim Your Soul’s Purpose.



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