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Revolutionizing Entrepreneurship with Feminine Leadership


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It’s shocking that approximately 50% of the human population is underutilized and underestimated in every sector and every country. Many women are kept out of boardrooms and elevated conversations. The gender pay gap and the fight for equality is still an ongoing and tireless debate. They miss out on many opportunities afforded to men across the globe.

We are seeing a new generation of women who self-appoint themselves as leaders, trailblazers, mavericks and revolutionaries. This is the rise of the Queen or Goddess who does life and business in what appears to be a new way.

The Queen is more than just an archetype. It’s a radical mindset shift and strategic approach. A pivot from competition to collaboration for mutual benefit that extends beyond the client. From push to flow, where effortless results manifest. From hustle and grind to magnetism and alignment to create the ideal product or offer to service the ‘soulmate’ client to co-create the highest and best outcome. The needler movers are now meaningful relationships with our clients that last.

The future is female, and feminine leadership is the new paradigm in business.

So why does gender diversity even matter?

Diversity provides a variety of experiences, views, backgrounds, and points of view that result in improved decision-making. But more importantly, feminine leadership principles focus on a holistic approach to business. These female entrepreneurs present themselves in the world with honesty, integrity and a desire to engage and connect to foster deeper and long-term relationships with clients, as opposed to the masculine approach, which primarily focuses on the numbers.

In the last few years, female leaders demonstrating emotional intelligence have undergone a vital paradigm shift. They utilize their abilities in emotional expression, communication, and execution to elevate and defuse any given circumstance.

The way a woman innately does business comes more from the subtle art of intuition, empathy and a heart connection. Her passion project will be fuelled by her heart and a more profound calling, over the chase for only profit.

Her profit comes from healing her mother and father wounds. From raising her wealth consciousness through mindset reprogramming. Her business model, products and services, and the team were all chosen from internal guidance that men call gut instinct. However, the woman feels this all over. The more profound knowing is remembering what’s possible and pushing the boundaries into the field of potential. She looks not only outside the box but beyond the box altogether. She operates from a different set of rules and codes of honour than the men before her.

The new rules of business

The old paradigms are crumbling. New ones are being birthed. The pandemic of 2020 created a shift in the global workforce working from home. For the first time in many generations, families could spend more time together. Cryptocurrency is already changing the global financial markets. And women desire more of the wealth to secure their financial future. The man is no longer the plan!

The hustle and grind have left many women feeling like they are losing the race. So they have started their own game of life. To not only break the rules but to birth new ones.

These trailblazers, thought leaders and the next generation of women are birthing radical approaches. In the arena of business and entrepreneurship, they are self-funded and self-motivated and create results on the profit and loss sheets that leave their accountants scratching their heads. The “girl boss” who is taking on the world. She who rises with effortless ease.

Unlike popular belief, a glass ceiling does not exist. She is the creator and manifestor of her reality. The Queen knows she has the freedom to be herself. She serves to be her own hero, to lead herself towards greatness.

A Queen never apologizes for being “too much” or “over the top”. Ultimately, she knows that she represents the future. The energy and focus she puts into anything has the potential to manifest as more of it or more of everything she needs.

Enter the era of feminine leadership

These women listen to their intuition and feelings for guidance and decision-making. She’s always done that, but now it’s being translated to the highest levels of business, making big money and building her empire. Breaking free from many of the masculine rules of business which focused on over-working, pushing, convincing and aggressive competition.

Feminine leaders practice deep and active listening. Both to what is being said and not said. She reads between the lines. She feels into the deeper levels of communication to foster long-term relationships with her clients. The deeper motivation for customer retention is not just the bottom line, but to build a community of like-minded people working together for a shared and bigger vision and goal.

Feminine leaders take full responsibility for their feelings and emotional triggers. She knows how to hold space for her wounds and heal them. She has healthy boundaries so that she does not take on the triggers of others. She can be sensitive and not take it personally. She can also hold space for others that allow them to be seen, heard and understood.

The future is female, and feminine leadership is the new paradigm in business.

Anna Kitney
Anna Kitney
Self-made 7-figure Intuitive Business Coach, Spiritual Advisor and International Speaker who empowers soul-centered women leaders and entrepreneurs to get their greatest work out in the world. Anna has run and operated 4 companies in the last 23 years which have generated millions of pounds in revenues. CEO of Bourgeon, the UK’s leading Theta Healing® training organisation that is world-renowned. She’s trained thousands of therapists internationally. Anna Kitney Coaching and Mentoring is based in London, with premium offerings to elevate entrepreneurship in the wellness, healing, coaching and personal development sector. A unique blend of soul-led strategy, utilising innate intuitive ability, energetic recalibration and mindset reprogramming to accelerate results. At the highest level, Anna offers private advisory and coaching to legacy leaders, change makers, royalty, celebrities and business owners at the multiple 6-7 figures. With bespoke programs created for each private client to accelerate growth on every level as a high performer that is underpinned by soul-led purpose, divine timing and legacy. http://www.annakitney.com


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