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Ebony Swank’s path to success was far from conventional. After dropping out of high school, she pursued various jobs until a chance encounter in her hair salon business sparked her entrepreneurial spirit. She discovered a door-to-door clothing seller and took it upon herself to locate the production source, but her first attempt at opening a store was unsuccessful.

Undeterred, she persisted and opened a second store called Swank A Posh, which focused on trendy jeans for girls. With her unwavering determination, Ebony grew the business from one store in Detroit to a staggering $40 million empire. Today, Ebony is a true powerhouse in the fashion industry, driven by her unyielding determination, vision, and unwavering passion for excellence.

As CEO of Swank A Posh, she has created an 8-figure enterprise, starting from a modest $12,000. Ebony’s remarkable success is a testament to her perseverance and hard work, and she serves as an inspiration to others who strive for success. She is the first millionaire in her family, and a true role model for future generations.

The Numbers Matter

Ebony’s journey as an entrepreneur began with a deep-rooted passion for fashion and a strong belief in the importance of inclusivity within the industry. She saw a gap in the market for stylish, high-quality clothing options that catered to women of all shapes and sizes. She wanted to fill that void. Her desire to promote body positivity and empower women to feel confident and beautiful in their own skin became the driving force behind her journey as a CEO.

A self-taught entrepreneur who overcame the challenges of limited formal education to build a successful business, Ebony discovered early on that she had a natural affinity for numbers, which played a crucial role in the growth of Swank A Posh. She navigated through corporate culture with various job titles, from data entry to becoming a collections specialist, accounting manager, and financial analyst. She later realized that understanding numbers would allow her to make data-driven decisions that could clarify the complexities of the fashion industry.  

“My passion for fashion, combined with my love for numbers and my dedication to inclusivity, has allowed me to create a brand that is not only successful but also transformative,” she says, adding “I strive to inspire women everywhere to embrace their individuality and feel confident in their own unique beauty.”

Setbacks, pfft

Her journey was not without setbacks. Ebony’s initial failure came when she opened her first store, which was not profitable due to mismanagement, poor cash handling, and a lack of understanding of her customers’ needs.

This experience was painful, she says, but she did not let it defeat her. Instead, she saw it as an opportunity to learn and grow, to rediscover the business principles that she knew and apply them to her next venture.

Says Ebony: “No matter how much business experience you have, you’re always going to encounter problems and even some failures on your entrepreneurial journey. Failure is part of the learning curve and can contribute to your success if you take the time to learn from your mistakes.

“When I opened my first store, I was more into the excitement of owning a store and the presentation than marketing to customers,” she says. “After it failed, I knew that if I wanted to make my next store work, I needed to focus on inventory and marketing.”

Vision One

Today, Ebony’s vision is to provide a wide range of clothing options specifically designed to fit and flatter the real woman’s body.

Her foundation begins with carefully selecting the right fabric, which often incorporates stretch to ensure comfort and the perfect fit. As CEO, she now personally designs 90% of the company’s catalog, ensuring that the products not only reflect her vision for style and inclusivity but also meet the unique needs of their diverse clientele.

One of Swank A Posh’s most successful achievements is the sale of over one million pairs of their most popular denim, the Super Swank Jean. This versatile and inclusive product, with its comfortable stretch, has resonated with their customers, as it is designed to accommodate a wide range of sizes, from small to 3XL.

“We take pride in offering clothing options that celebrate every woman’s unique shape and empower them to feel confident and beautiful,” says Ebony. “At Swank A Posh, my mission is to provide high-quality, fashionable clothing that embraces inclusivity, promotes body positivity, and empowers women to feel their absolute best. I am dedicated to continually evolving our offerings and ensuring that the fabrics and designs we use cater to the needs of real women, making Swank A Posh a go-to destination for stylish and flattering attire.”

It’s A Movement

Swank A Posh is not just any fashion brand – it is a movement.

“At Swank A Posh, we’re not just selling clothes, we’re creating a movement of confident, empowered women who are proud to stand out from the crowd,” she says. Through her brand, Ebony wants to inspire women to be bold, brave and embrace their uniqueness.

“My role as a black woman CEO has allowed me to break barriers, overcome obstacles, and create lasting change in my community and the lives of those around me. Throughout my journey, I have expertly balanced my personal and professional life, embracing my roles as a mother, wife, friend, and mentor. My accomplishments demonstrate my relentless pursuit of excellence and my dedication to making a meaningful difference in the world of business and beyond,” she says.

Customer First

Ebony knew early on that the key to success was to focus on the consumer. She understood that to build a brand that speaks directly to the customer, it was essential to understand their needs and desires.

“My advice to anyone starting a business is to focus on your customer, understand their needs and desires, and build a brand that speaks directly to them,” she says.

Success, according to Ebony, is not about luck or talent. “It’s about hard work, persistence, and a willingness to adapt to changing circumstances.”  Ebony’s determination to succeed has been one of the driving forces behind Swank A Posh’s success, as has her desire for constant innovation. Innovation is one of the core values of Swank A Posh. Ebony believes that innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower. 

“That’s why we’re always pushing the boundaries of what’s possible at Swank A Posh,” she says.  The brand is constantly striving to find new and innovative ways to empower women through fashion.

In her world, success is not final, and failure is not fatal. She says: “Building a brand requires the courage to continue forwards. And at Swank A Posh, we’re not afraid to take risks and learn from our mistakes.” She and her team are always looking for ways to improve and grow.

It’s also not a path to be taken alone. “Great things in business are never done by one person,” she says. “They’re done by a team of people. And at Swank A Posh, we’re proud to have a dedicated team that’s committed to our mission of empowering women through fashion.” Her team, she adds, is the backbone of Swank A Posh.

Learn The Tech

Technology and data analytics play an important role in business growth. “At Swank A Posh, we’re not just a fashion business – we’re a tech company that’s using fashion as a way to innovate and disrupt the industry. Our focus on technology and data analytics is what sets us apart from traditional fashion brands,” says Ebony.

Ultimately, Swank A Posh is not just a fashion brand – it is a company that is empowering women and a testament to the fact that with hard work, determination, and a focus on innovation, anything is possible.

Here’s Ebony’s 5 Point Plan for Achieving Success

Step 1: Believe In Your Vision

Develop a strong vision for your product, service, or company, and believe in its potential to make a significant impact in your industry. Your unwavering commitment to your vision will guide you through challenges and inspire others to join your cause.

Step 2: Embrace Innovation and Change

Stay open to new ideas, technologies, and methods that can help you achieve your goals more effectively. Be willing to take calculated risks and adapt to changes in the market, always seeking ways to improve your products or services and stay ahead of the competition.

Step 3: Develop a Customer-Centric Approach

Focus on understanding and addressing the needs and desires of your customers. Create products or services that genuinely improve their lives, and continuously seek feedback to refine your offerings. Remember that your success depends on your customers’ satisfaction and loyalty.

Step 4: Cultivate a Culture of Excellence 

Foster a culture within your organization that values innovation, dedication, and collaboration.

Encourage your team to think creatively and challenge the status quo. Recognize and reward their contributions, and provide opportunities for growth and development.

Step 5: Lead by Example

As a leader, embody the principles and values you want your team to follow. Demonstrate resilience in the face of adversity, maintain a strong work ethic, and stay committed to your vision. Your passion and determination will inspire those around you to strive for excellence. By embracing innovation, staying true to your vision, and focusing on your customers, you can achieve significant success and leave a lasting impact on your industry. This approach has been proven effective in transforming various fields and creating iconic brands.




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