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The Divine Feminine and Feline Within


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How often do we give our minds permission to wander, to let go and fall down the rabbit hole of curiosity? 

What if we consider, just for a moment, that the tiny little furry predators we call cats, who live all around us – are actually fuzz-covered mirrors to the massive feminine energy residing deep within us all? Care to fall down that hole for a minute? Let’s go!

It’s not hard to look upon a cat and be held – if only momentarily – in a state of appreciation, amusement, and even awe. Yes the memes, yes the useless tropes and cat lady jokes. But what happens when we travel even one step beyond the mundane. What if somehow we allow ourselves to connect with their energy and tune in to our own. What if we recognize their wild, playful, serene expressions as aspects of our own love, power, and prowess?

Consider a cat’s deep, soulful eyes. Piercing human souls with but a casual glance, they can be reviled but never ignored. Perhaps we are drawn into them as those eyes illuminate an awareness within us we never knew we had. Maybe we have noticed their lithe gaits and impeccable abilities to pounce on demand. Could this hunting prowess and sharp reflexes serve as silhouettes to our own tenacity and vitality? Perhaps their ferocious love for their children is but a reflection of our own devotion to the ones we love.

If we indulge our minds in these ideas, where would they take us in our everyday world? Would we have the same inclination to clothe such powerful beings in silly costumes, ask them to perform mindless tricks for social media amusement, or casually discard their presence when it no longer serves us? Of course not, no one behaves in this way towards the divine. We honor and respect those ideas and representations of beings that we understand to be connected to forces greater than ourselves.

For example, it is well understood from grammar school that the ancient Egyptians worshiped cats. This is all well-documented. But why? Why did these wiry bundles of muscle and fur with razor sharp teeth instill a deep awe and reverence to an entire civilization of humans? What made them so indispensable to the living gods- Pharaohs- that they were killed alongside them and bodies mummified in the same fashion as their human counterparts? To kill a cat during these times was an offense punishable by death. 

We know that Sekhmet was the original feline goddess worshiped in ancient Egypt. A fierce protector of women, childbirth, and all things feminine – she was believed to be the otherworldly gatekeeper of the Great Sphinx – which served as the earthly portal for her kin to travel to and from the Leo constellation.  In essence then, Sekhmet and her domestic cat representative, Bastet, were both galactic symbols of divine feminine energy. The natural question follows then- how would you treat the cats in your life or, how would you treat yourself – if you truly embodied the idea of intergalactic divine energy flowing through our collective veins. Perhaps we would all walk a little taller, speak a little louder, dream a little bigger, and treat the furry lives around us with a little more dignity. To recognize the divinity in others is to recognize it in ourselves. 

Obviously our cats don’t speak to us in words, they can only show us how wonderful they truly are if we are willing to observe and honor their greatness. And it is often easier to get caught up in the memes, videos, slogans, costumes, and make-up we put on them – as well as ourselves – rather than sit and reflect on the beauty and power within. But the great part is that we don’t have to have words to exchange. The divine feminine energy that connects us is deeply loving, deeply, powerful, deeply intuitive. While our exterior senses and exterior body chemistries and exterior nutritional requirements are what separate us all into our respective species, beneath the superficiality there lies an infinite energy of love, passion, ferocity, tenacity- beyond our ability to express with mere human words. A force so powerful, so sacred that to snuff it out in one being meant death for the perpetrator in times past. There was once a recognition that this energy was to be revered and honored for the life it brings to our planet.

In drawing up from the rabbit hole back to the present moment in time, let’s not forget the divine feminine energy is within us, and perpetually all around us. And if we do happen to forget, may the humble cats and kittens of this world serve as the mirrors to that brilliance of the divine within. 

Tiffany Vernier
Tiffany Vernier
Tiffany is a lifelong writer who currently assists business leaders achieve winning proposal compliance but her real superpower is herding cats and kids at the same time. From camping in Iraq to graphic design to ducks, Tiffany has done a little bit of everything, and is on a personal mission to find cures for the most fatal of feline illnesses. http://info.ahealedcat.com


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