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The Family Wealth Management Firm of Adidas’ Founder Opens its Global Headquarters in Sarasota


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Adi Dassler International Family Office, a high-net-worth wealth management firm, has recently opened its global headquarters in downtown Sarasota. The firm, which traces its lineage back to the founder of the Adidas brand, Adi Dassler, has already made an impact in the local area, and its expansion is expected to boost economic growth further.

Founded by Allen Johnson, Adi Dassler International Family Office has grown to become one of the leading wealth management firms, serving more than 30 clients/families worldwide. Its services are particularly geared towards high-net-worth individuals and families with more than $10 million in assets under management.

Unlike many other wealth management firms, Adi Dassler International Family Office requires no minimum asset amount to work with clients, which has made its services accessible to a broad range of clients. The company specializes in full money management services, including tax mitigation, asset protection, insurance consulting, accounting, and more.

The firm practices a unique approach to wealth management, where it seeks to pool resources from multiple families, ensuring that its clients receive the best services tailored to their singular wealth management needs. This approach has been successful, and the company has grown to become a reputable brand known for its innovative solutions and services.

Adi Dassler International Family Office aims to provide its clients with a range of services that enable them to manage and preserve their wealth effectively, ensuring long-term sustainability. The firm’s services are designed to take care of its client’s wealth with complete discretion and confidentiality.

With its global headquarters now in Sarasota, Adi Dassler International Family Office is set to expand its services and bring more employment opportunities to the area. The firm plans to move into larger space downtown by summer or fall and eventually bring on at least 10 employees.

Senior Family Office Advisor Josh Renda, one of the firm’s key executives, states that the company’s expansion will help to attract more high-net-worth individuals to the area, boosting the city’s economic growth. Renda goes on to say that Adi Dassler International Family Office is not affiliated with Adidas brand, but its founding lineage and commitment to creating innovative solutions have remained a core part of the company’s culture.

The firm’s reputation is growing, and its innovative approach to wealth management puts it in a unique position within the industry. Adi Dassler International Family Office is committed to providing its clients with the best services and solutions, ensuring that their wealth is properly managed and preserved for generations to come.

While the company has been successful so far, its expansion plans indicate even more growth and success in the years to come. Its unique approach to wealth management has already attracted clients from around the world, and with its global headquarters now in downtown Sarasota, the firm is poised to become a major player in the industry.

In conclusion, Adi Dassler International Family Office’s opening of its global headquarters in Sarasota is a significant development that is expected to bring long-term positive effects to the area’s economy. The firm’s reputation as a leading wealth management brand, coupled with its innovative approach to money management, makes it a vital player in the industry. Its expansion will create job opportunities and attract even more high-net-worth individuals to Sarasota, enhancing the city’s economic growth prospects.

Rhonda Swan
Rhonda Swan
Rhonda Swan stands out as an accomplished business leader and a celebrated author. An MBA graduate from Northwood University, Rhonda has built significant brands and helped many people get the recognition they deserve through her company Unstoppable Branding Agency.. She is also the founder of Wild mag along with a contributor. Rhonda has emphasized on personal growth and the pursuit of one's passions. Esteemed publications like Forbes and The New York Times have recognized and applauded her impactful work, solidifying her as a role model for many. What's even more commendable about Rhonda is her genuine nature. She values honesty and openness. At 'swanlifestyle Inc.', she played a pivotal role in guiding people on how to achieve both wealth and their dream lifestyle. Her lessons weren’t just about money, but about enriching one’s life in all aspects. At Wild Mag, Rhonda wants to teach readers about business, improving oneself, and pushing them to dream big. In simple words, she’s the heart of what Wild Mag wants to say: grow, dream, and work hard. Plus, she wrote a popular book series called “Women Gone Wild”, which is all about helping women live fearlessly.


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