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This is a small piece of my journey on how I became The Intentional Woman and how I began creating Intentional products that assist women (and now men as well), on their self care, self empowerment, and self love journey.

I teach women how to energetically expand and love themselves on a deeper level. I teach them how to create their lives by utilizing intention. I also work with crystals and teach women how to use them in their own daily rituals.

I share techniques and methods, meditations and modalities on how to love yourself, create the life you desire and how to live your every day with intention.

When I work with women, I am always teaching them the value and importance of self care. That self care is vital to the self love process.

I have worked with crystals since the age of 16 and I have always loved that crystals vibrate frequency (like everything does) and that I could feel it! Every crystal is unique and each one has its own frequency and focused energy. I use them as instruments in coaching women as well as in each of the Intentional products I create.

Crystals will balance your energy where you are blocked, stuck or out of alignment. For example, if you’re suffering some sort of heartache, you’ll most often be drawn to rose quartz. It could be from a current or past situation, but the rose quartz is there to heal that wound by balancing the energy center in that area back to its natural state of being (often called the chakras, but we will save that for another day).

I put together care packages for one on one clients that include crystals to assist them in their journey. I also use crystals in meditations or group sessions. They are in every Intentional product I create. Before giving them to others or putting them in products, I hold each crystal, infusing it with reiki energy and focused intention.

Here are a few ways that I recommend deepening love and peace within your own soul:

Take a long hot bath. I suggest you make it deep and plan on staying awhile. Make it with bubbles, herbal tea, bath salts, candles, your favorite crystal, a book and or relaxing music playing softly in the background, then finish up with a aromatherapy scented body lotion so your skin feels soft and hydrated.

This process of self care changes how you feel about yourself. It changes how you move and even how you respond to outside circumstances because you’re feeling more relaxed, calm, and more fulfilled.

Another simple way to love yourself is to put a chair near a window, brew your favorite tea, curl up with a blanket, and read a novel. You can look through anything that makes you feel good or get lost in the pages. Perhaps writing in a journal or sifting through a yoga magazine. The point is to be present and tune out the demands of the world.

One of my favorite ways to connect to peace and self love is through walking. In the winter, I bundle up and breathe slowly and intentionally as I admire the sleeping forest or land around me. Sometimes I go while the sun is rising so I can feel the newness of the day before all the hustle of the world wakes up. I bring my tea, a crystal in my pocket, and I walk. I listen to the sounds around me, absorbing all the beauty, and feeling free from anything that could distract me from being grateful and present.

In the summer or even on warm days in spring and autumn, I usually take my shoes and socks off, walking on dirt or grass, feeling the earth’s energy move through the soles of my feet, healing my body and my soul. If there is water nearby, I dip my feet while sitting on a rock or wade slowly soaking up my surroundings.

One of the most valuable secrets that I share with you is that of being in a state of gratitude. The next most valuable secret is that of practicing being present.

When combining these ways of being in all that you do in your life, you are sure to know peace. This is an act of loving yourself. Allowing yourself to be present and in awe of your own beautiful life. This moment is truly the only one you have. Be present. Soak up the beauty around you and allow it to heal you.

Being in the state of gratitude allows you to be outside of yourself and not focussed on yourself. It is about giving love away and whatever you put out into the universe, it must come back. This is the simple law of attraction.

Being present, being fully present and aware of where you are at any given moment, And noticing what you’re engaged in on what is going on around you in this world at this very moment is so important. Do this all while allowing your mind, body, and soul to be flooded with gratitude.

Once this space has been created for yourself, go within and learn that this is self love. Breathe. Focus on the breath that you have been gifted again today. You get to share this breath with others and experience another beautiful day of life. This alone is something to be incredibly grateful for.

Be grateful, be present, and do things for yourself so you will learn to live yourself on a deeper level. This life is the only one you get this time around. Enjoy the journey. The destination is just a goal but the fun is had getting there so soak up everything you encounter along the way. You are creating the pages of your own storybook. Make it good.

With love and gratitude,

Jessica Bouchard

Jessica Bouchard
Jessica Bouchard
Jessica Bouchard is the Creator and Owner of Crystal Therapy -The Intentional Woman. Her company was created to offer self love/care coaching for women who wanted to become more intentional when creating their ideal life experience. It was from there that Jessica created the Intentional Tea and Intentional Product line with Reiki infused crystals, to assist women on their life long journey creating happiness . http://www.crystaltherapy.ca


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