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The Power of the 3HQ Method in Business Success


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As a neuroscience expert, coach, and CEO with over two decades of experience, Hilary DeCesare has worked with business owners, executive leaders, and CEOs worldwide to help them unlock their full potential through the 3HQ process. This holistic approach to leadership and decision-making, leveraging the Head, Heart, and Highest Self, has proven critical to success in today’s fast-paced business world.

In the past, success was often measured solely by IQ or EQ, but recent research shows that both intellectual and emotional intelligence are necessary to operate at one’s highest self, unlocking limitless levels of success. By incorporating the concept of the Higher Self, individuals are able to access a deeper level of consciousness and intuition, leading to greater self-awareness, purpose, and vision. As a result, they are better equipped to make strategic decisions, inspire and motivate their teams, and create a culture of innovation and excellence.

The Highest Self represents a person’s innermost being, beyond the ego and the conditioned mind, and embodies their deepest values, beliefs, and sense of purpose, as well as a trusted connection to their intuition. Connecting with the Highest Self allows individuals to make decisions that are aligned with their core values and vision, leading to greater clarity, focus, and fulfillment in both their personal and professional lives.

Hilary has also developed the ReLaunch Method, a seven-step process that helps individuals make an intentional decision to pivot from an unexpected transition and leverage their experiences and strengths to create a successful transformation. This process involves recognizing the need for change, letting go of the past, getting clarity on what one wants, taking the vision and creating a plan, matching identity with internal and external self, gaining the confidence to share the new you, and finally, owning and living the new life, visions, and goals.

In addition, Hilary emphasizes the importance of personal energy, as our thoughts and emotions influence our energy levels. Learning how to leverage personal energy to achieve desired results is a skill that can significantly impact business success. Increasing personal energy before visualization, setting goals, taking action, and collaborating or networking will attract positive business opportunities.

To get to the core of a business, Hilary recommends four action steps for success: commitment to consistency, organizing to optimize, repeatable revenue plan, and energy in your execution.  By following these steps, entrepreneurs and business owners can align their business with core values and vision, streamline operations to improve efficiency and productivity, focus on revenue generation, and increase personal energy to attract positive business opportunities.

In summary, the 3HQ process and the ReLaunch Method, combined with a focus on personal energy and the four action steps for success, provide a powerful framework for achieving business success. By leveraging this holistic approach to leadership and decision-making, individuals can unlock their full potential and achieve unprecedented levels of success in both their personal and professional lives.Join her next free program. You deserve to have the life you want.

Annelise Sylta
Annelise Sylta
Annelise Sylta is a distinguished figure in the digital marketing and PR industry. After earning her MBA from FIDM, she solidified her educational foundation, paving the way for her professional endeavors.Since she was invited as a contributor on Wild mag, Anne has continuously inspired readers with her exemplary leadership skills, profound marketing know-how, and an unwavering passion for her dreams. Her narrative resonates deeply with the core values of Wild Mag. In Los Angeles, she has carved a niche for herself, excelling as the Creative Director at Deviate Agency and the Director of Operations at SomeFuse. Her rise to these important roles in a mere two years speaks volumes about her capabilities and ambition. Anne's approach to business is anchored in her unwavering commitment to integrity. She upholds the principle that genuine honesty is the bedrock of trusting and respected professional bonds.Supported by her natural intuition, Anne effortlessly navigates the intricate pathways of her industry. Through her contributions and journey, Anne serves as an embodiment of Wild Mag's ethos, showing readers that with the right blend of passion, integrity, and knowledge, even the wildest dreams are within reach.


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