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The T Lady: A Natural Remedy To Weight Loss & Detox


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Who says tea can’t be extraordinary? 

Whilst tea is a part of everyday life—a staple for people who want a caffeine hit but don’t enjoy coffee’s bitter bite—it’s easy to overlook the beauty contained in a single cup. 

To Elissa Scott, a ‘cuppa’ represents so much more than a warming drink. 

The Beauty of Simple, Natural Ingredients

Elissa Scott, The T Lady, owns a leading company that specializes in making herbal tea for women going through menopause. 

“As I personally approach my next stage of life, I wanted to look into natural alternatives for the relief of menopausal symptoms,” she said in an interview. 

Scott’s Menopause Tea is brewed from nature itself. In a chemical-infused world, Scott believes in standing out by using only natural ingredients that boost women’s immunity and assist them cope with the many struggles that come during menopause. 

Research shows that about 75% of women suffer from hot flashes, weight gain, mood swings, and sleeplessness during menopause. And for centuries, natural alternatives to medicine have been promoted as a safer way to manage menopausal symptoms. In fact, a lower rate of women experience hot flashes in Japan. Studies show that this is likely due to the fact that the older Japanese community consumes a healthy diet. 

Managing menopause, or anything health-related, takes time to master. It takes effort and consistency. However, going down this road, armed with natural solutions, is one of the best ways to tackle the multitude of issues menopause brings. 

“Chinese medicine has been around for centuries. Adam and Eve sat next to an apple tree, not a chemist shop! Everything we need is in the earth.”

In one cup of tea, The T Lady assures, women are able to get what they need to manage weight gain, sleeping better throughout the whole night and detoxing. In essence, it’s a warm embrace for those who struggle with their health. 

The Tea that Empowers Women

Sure, The T Lady’s Menopause Tea is organic. It’s healthy. It’s caffeine-free. It’s a remedy that assists women in managing menopausal symptoms like hot flushes, sleepless nights, and joint pain. It has been given to teenagers to reduce period cramps. But, perhaps more importantly, the Menopause Tea was invented and brewed to empower women.

“The beauty of the Menopause Tea is it’s a community affair. The tea maker and the tea packers are women who have survived domestic violence.”

If there’s anyone who knows how difficult the road can be for women, it’s Elissa Scott. Having gone through a difficult life herself, she prioritizes the wellbeing of women everywhere. Her natural inclination towards aiding the community shines through The T Lady’s Menopause Tea. 

“We’ve got women who were previously homeless, working within our business,” explained Scott. “I’ll share this with you: a homeless lady rang me up, and she said that she needed some money. And I said to her: ‘Alright, would you like to earn money by making some sales calls?’ I texted her a list of my shops and she sat in the gutter and called my contacts to see if they needed another order of tea..”

Scott also tries to take care of the Earth—the very source of her wonderful tea. 

“I like hand making the tea bags. My tea bags are made of cornstarch. There’s no plastic; they’re biodegradable.”

Menopausal Tea Removes the Stigma of being Middle-Aged 

So, if you’ve never really thought about the kind of tea you’re drinking, you might wonder: 

Why care about The T Lady’s Menopause Tea?

It’s simple. It’s because Elissa Scott cares so much about her tea combination. And that’s a big reason why it’s so special: because it means something. Not just to her, but to her clients as well. The T Lady caters to women who simply want to feel in control of their lives again. They want to be healthier—to feel healthier. 

“We’re going to be the number one natural alternative in a chemically-driven world. I know in my heart, I have created a miracle tea. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. Women give me feedback,” Scott said proudly in an interview. 

There’s a heavy stigma clouding over menopause. It’s not talked about often enough. Women aren’t educated on how to approach this stage of life, and often, people expect menopausal women to simply ‘power through’ their symptoms. 

The truth is, women should be seen in their struggles. A Harvard Health Publishing article reported that the body undergoes very extreme hormonal changes during menopause. 

Women are at risk of anxiety and depression, leading to suicide in some reported cases. They may even be deprived of sufficient sleep during this period. And the problem is that the world isn’t doing enough to recognize this need in menopausal women: the need to be understood. 

Elissa Scott knows that women everywhere long to be heard. Women want to know they aren’t alone. 

The T Lady aims to do just that, one cup of tea at a time.

Elissa Scott
Elissa Scott
Elissa Scott, founder and owner of the T Lady, has created a unique blend of natural ingredients, in a tea bag, that treats the symptoms of menopause. Elissa adheres to a strict sustainability policy and aims to make a profit without spoiling the earth. She also employs women who have escaped domestic abuse and the disabled, an ethical decision that enables her to give back to the community.  Her inspirational journey offers unique and valuable insights on how to build a burgeoning business whilst remaining true to one’s values.


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