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UBA Launches New Publications Division


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THE Unstoppable Branding Agency has launched a new publications division on the back of its success with WILD magazine.

“It just made sense,” says UBA founder Rhonda Swan. “Everywhere we went with WILD, people complemented us on the magazine. So we decided to open a new publications division so we can make quality magazines for our clients as well.”

UBA today specializes in the creation of one-off magazines for high-level events, whether its for seminars, high-ticket coaching or Masterclass retreats. Magazines are designed, curated and produced for delivery anywhere in the world.

“Our luxe publications combine high-level creative design and great photography with intelligent, focused editorial to create compelling magazines that scream QUALITY,” says Rhonda. “We use only advanced printing methods and exceptional paper stock and our team boasts some of the most experienced staffers in the business.”

At the helm of the new division is British Editor In Chief Nigel Simmonds who has been creating award-winning publications for more than 30 years and has worked as the editorial leader at Tatler Magazine, as well as creating publications for the likes of American Express, Visa, and Mastercard, not to mention hotel magazines for The Regent Beverly Wilshire, InterContinental Resorts and Bali’s respected luxury publication The Yak. Nigel is backed by a team of experienced writers, designers and web developers.

How does it work?

– Do you have a Blue Chip client that needs a magazine for their leadership event?

– Do you need a magazine with Masterclass content for your high-ticket coaching seminar?

– Create a high-quality magazine for your successful company, curated at every step of the way.

Leave it to us!

We walk you through the process, creating and consulting you on relevant, targeted content and individual design that matches your message. We handle all aspects of the publication, from design to production, printing and delivery.

For more details please contact us at unstoppablebrandingagency.com

Nigel Simmonds
Nigel Simmondshttps://mrcontent.asia/%20
Nigel Simmonds is Director of Mister Content Asia specializing in print, online and graphic content. He is the author of Eating The Wind: A Requiem For Innocence, available on Amazon. https://mrcontent.asia/


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