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What is the Muse?


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Is it our creative inspiration, that energy fluttering amidst the ethers of our consciousness, awaiting our trust to bring it to light? Two definitions according to Google are:




  1. (in Greek and Roman mythology) each of nine goddesses, the daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne, who preside over the arts and sciences.
  2. a person or personified force who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist. “Yeats’ muse, Maud Gonne”

I think the Muse is a beautiful idea; a wondrous source of inspiration and intelligence.

Yet, when an artist expects the Muse to seek them it seems not to. When an artist, be they writer, painter, or other creative, demands the Muse to deliver it does not answer.

Then there are those moments when the Muse sits near, patiently waiting for a creative conscious to grasp hold of a thought and write upon it. But some thoughts slip through the creative’s grasp, to be bounced along to the next willing consciousness.

For just as the universe expands infinitely, so too does creative inspiration.

The Muse is abundant throughout the universe.

There is no end to this source of creativity. Creative inspiration and the Muse are plentiful and always provide their gifts to those open to receiving them.

Our challenge is to put aside the busy work, those unnecessary worldly things, and make creativity the priority.

Make your writing a priority over all else!

Until this happens, until the book or novel becomes the author’s primary focus and intention, the book will remain unwritten.

This is a crucial time. A time for the writer, and the artist, to take heed and consciously demand control of the outcome of their inspirations.

The first step a writer must take to control their inspiration and the visiting Muse is to trust. Trust that the ideas and insights are yours. Trust that you have the grace and wisdom to write, to take your inclinations by the hand, and lead them to their fullest potential.

This trust then ought to be followed up with divine intention and action.

Action, of course, is the writing down of your ideas with the pure intention of sharing your wisdom for the betterment of others.

Through this service to others, our creative magic is realized.

Celebrate knowing that where you are right now is where you are meant to be. You are right on time to spread your greatness to the whole world.

Also, celebrate the people praying to read the wise words you will write…

In this document, I am practicing what I preach and writing down what the Muse has laid before my own conscious. I spent many years searching for my untapped confidence. Now that I have found and am beginning to trust the Muse, I can write down all the ideas and dreams being shown to me.

Inspirations are products of the human condition dwelling deep inside all of us. They are basic goals we as humans are programmed to seek. We seek them and learn from them, in our constant search for higher truth. We forever push the limits to achieve greater success and abundance. To clarify each of our unique purposes. Put simply, we are all programmed to seek enlightenment.

What is the enlightened self? Is it a movement ever-inward towards the soul, mirroring the expansion of the universe ever-outward?

I think it is the Muse; the same as that spoken of by God, Allah, Father, daemon, deity, divinity, idol, the Almighty, or the Creator as light. It is an ever-expansive kingdom and one without limits. Never-ending.

Once this spiritual aspect of our being is realized or at least recognized and allowed to exist, we as authors, artists, and creators can trust that inspiration and the Muse are abundant within us and available at any given moment.

No longer must we sit waiting for the Muse or inspiration to strike us.

We acknowledge and embrace the two facets of being human; the physical we embrace by establishing habits and structures around our writing, and the spiritual by acknowledging and trusting that inspiration resides within and not without.

I leave you with one consistent habit to adopt. Write daily about your gratitudes because this opens doors to the expansive and creative abundance of the universe. Thus, positive affirmations and light will raise your soul’s vibrations to match that of the universe and the Muse.

I am Joy, I am Light, I am Abundance becoming vibrationally aligned to the soul’s purpose.

I hope that you enjoyed this article and I look forward to sharing more tips and insight on harmonious creativity. My articles are intended to fuel the journey that I embrace in my own writing and creativity and as a parallel companion for readers of my upcoming novel, Morningstar, to aid my reader’s understanding of the divine and each of our own unique perceptions of learning to walk aligned to source.


Ondi Laure

Ondi Laure
Ondi Laure
Ondi Laure is a 5th generation native to the wilds of Wyoming. She is best known for her tales of humanity’s savage past. She writes of untold history, wisdom, and courage of those who protected repressed sacred feminine qualities of the universe in her novel, Morningstar. For over a decade, Ondi has helped others achieve alignment with their story’s purpose and to identify as an author. She has been featured in Forbes and Top Talent magazines. Her clients include Susan and Jacob Browder, Callie Katz, and Farzana Ebrahimi, and she has shared the stage with Isabel Dondadeo, Kathi Tait, Jodi Vetterl, Allison Lewis, Alex West, and Kedra Davies. She has done everything from writing and publishing books to mountaineering and backcountry guiding across the Continental Divide. When she isn’t writing and skiing with family or friends, she spends time playing her guitar or training horses with her husband, Matt. https://ondilaure.com/


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