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Women’s Circles to Heal Each Other: Accepting Society and Bonding Together


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Women’s circles have been around for centuries consisting of gatherings where women come together to share their experiences openly and be loved by one another. These gatherings offer a safe and nurturing environment where women can open up about their struggles, talk about their dreams and goals, and receive empathy and encouragement from their peers. Women’s circles help women develop a sense of belonging, reduce feelings of isolation, and promote emotional well-being. They are a vital tool for fostering women’s empowerment and personal growth.

In today’s society, many women are struggling with feelings of loneliness, isolation, and disconnection. Social media and technology have made it easier to connect with people, but often these connections are superficial and lack the depth and intimacy that women need to truly feel supported and understood. Women’s circles provide a space for women to come together and share their experiences in a safe and supportive environment.

They especially benefit women who haven’t yet established a supportive network or those who don’t have close relationships with family and friends. Women’s circles offer an inclusive space where women can open up, listen to others, and feel a sense of belonging. This fosters camaraderie and support among members, creating a sense of sisterhood that can be difficult to find elsewhere. Individuals who may benefit from these services are those who have gone through a major event in their life, such as separation from a partner or the death of someone close to them.

Apart from building a sense of community, women’s circles serve as a platform for women to be acknowledged and listened to. A lot of women find it difficult to be noticed, particularly in areas dominated by men like certain work environments or politics. By participating in women’s circles, they can express their stories and encounters with others, which can be a source of affirmation and encouragement.  Connecting with others who have undergone similar experiences can be exceptionally significant for women who have experienced trauma or marginalization, as it can help them feel less isolated.

Women’s circles offer the advantage of learning from one another. Given that women hail from different backgrounds and possess varied experiences and viewpoints, they have the chance to exchange their knowledge and wisdom, thereby picking up fresh insights into their individual lives. The aforementioned can be of great importance, especially for females who might feel unable to progress or undecided about how to advance in their personal or professional life.

Women can feel validated and understood and often find comfort in knowing they are not alone. This sense of community can lead to healing and a greater sense of empowerment for women. By venting their often suppressed emotions, acquiring fresh outlooks, and achieving healing and resolution, women can benefit significantly.

There is scientific proof behind the effectiveness of women’s circles in promoting healing, not just hearsay. Research has demonstrated that receiving social support has a beneficial effect on both physical and mental health. Women who possess a robust social network are more capable of coping with stress and sustaining their general health.

Creating a women’s group can be a straightforward and gratifying task. It can be informal by inviting a few acquaintances over for a chat or for over tea, or formal by arranging organized meetings with specific subjects or themes. In some women’s groups, a leader may assist in facilitating discussions and activities. Some situations are stricter in terms of communication, while others are more casual and encourage spontaneous discussion and exchange of ideas.

The format of a women’s circle doesn’t matter as much as creating an environment where women can feel secure and encouraged to share their experiences. This can be achieved by establishing specific rules, such as confidentiality and consideration for others’ beliefs, and fostering a friendly and non-critical atmosphere.

To sum up, women’s groups are an effective means to achieve recovery, strengthen community bonds, and develop as individuals. Through sharing their stories, insights, and knowledge, women can establish a deeper connection with one another and derive mutual benefits such as enlightenment and relief.

Ania Halama
Ania Halama
Ania Halama is a world traveler who has helped thousands of heart-centered entrepreneurs align with their ideal clients to attract wealth, health, love, mental health, and spiritual wealth. Ania started out working a corporate job that left her living paycheck to paycheck. Exhausted and worn out, she was limited to her dreams of a better life. Ania longed for the freedom to live life on her terms and time to enjoy life to the fullest. One day she decided to take a leap of faith, quit her job, and begin a journey of self-discovery. The journey has taken Ania all over the world and helped her create businesses learning new skills and sharing them along the way. Ania is a #MillennialManifestor, Spiritual Life/Business Mentor & Intuitive Digital Artist. She is also an intuitive Healer, Reiki Master, Angel Healer, EFT Certified Coach, Ho’oponopono Master, Akashic Records reader, Angel Card Intuitive and Law of Attraction master. Entrepreneur Magazine listed Ania as a Top Millennial Powerhouse and US Reporter has listed Ania as one of the top 10 entrepreneurs to follow. She has spoken on national stages like the Napoleon Hill Foundation and the Women Gone Wild Summit. Her expertise has been featured in media outlets, including Brainz Magazine, Yahoo News, Entrepreneur Magazine, LA Weekly, US Reporter, New York Weekly Times, So Influential, and others. Most recently her work was featured on a New York Times Square billboard. Ania is a two-time best-selling author of the book ‘Rebel’s Guide to Spirituality’ and ‘Women Gone Wild the Wealth Edition’. She is the host of Spirituality for Badass Babes Podcast, and is the co-founder of Project Save the Toads. Her passion is to use her eye for beauty, knowledge for business and love for self-discovery and healing to impact as many lives as possible! http://aniahalama.com


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